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We See What You Can't.

Thanks to our latest product, thousands of fraudsters could be out of work.

FailSafe™ multi-factor authentication is quickly becoming the preferred choice for financial institutions. The reasons are obvious.

The proof is in the numbers.

  • Tested against other authentication solutions, FailSafe reduces fraud by an amazing 80%.
  • Overall, FailSafe detected 91% of fraudulent applications, And 87% of known frauds approved using alternative authentication strategies.
  • It works for you, without additional work on the part of your staff.

Better efficiency for bigger profits.

FailSafe can slash your transaction time by 43%. And you know what that means for your bottom line.

Just as importantly, we help your phone staff feel happy and productive. More work. Less stress.

Happy customers, happy accounts.

Your financial institution isn't the only beneficiary of FailSafe multi-factor authentication.

Customers experience far less stress, far less frustration. Some studies show that 32% of valid customers will close an account if they have a bad experience.

So we help you get the good customers you want, without losing the good customers you already have.


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